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Blue-headed Parrot Photo - Juvenile Plumage   Pionus menstruus   

Foto de Loro Cabeciazul con Plumaje Juvenil

Yasuni Clay Lick, Rio Napo, Ecuador  © 2002 Peter W. Wendelken

There are numerous Blue-headed Parrots in this photo, recognizable by their blue heads. In the center, however, is a juvenile Blue-headed Parrot which has several large areas of red , in addition to blue, on the head and the blue areas have white spots. This bird also has extensive yellow spotting on the wings and thighs. Also in the photo are many large Mealy Parrots with whitish backs. A lone Yellow-crowned Parrot is at the bottom on the right. The smallest birds in the image are the Dusky-headed Parakeets which are seen scattered about. They have narrow, pointed tails.


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Blue-headed Parrot - Juvenile Plumage, Yasuni Clay Lick, Rio Napo, Ecuador