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Northern  Caiman  Lizard  Photo  Dracaena  guianensis  (Family  Teiidae)  Basking on Branch over Water

Río Napo, Ecuador  © 2002 Peter W. Wendelken

Photo of Northern Caiman Lizard Dracaena guianensis (Family Teiidae) Basking on Branch over Water. Río Napo
The Northern Caiman Lizard, Dracaena guianensis is a member of the Family Teiidae. The Northern Caiman Lizard is semiaquatic and frequently basks on limbs overhanging water. The teeth of the Northern Caiman Lizard are specially adapted to crushing the shells of the freshwater snails which constitute the principal food source of this large Teiid lizard. This photo was taken in eastern, Amazonian Ecuador near the Río Napo as our canoe glided beneath the limb supporting this lizard.

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