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A Panoramic Photo looking to the West over the Copan Great Plaza in the Magnificent Copan Mayan Ruins in Honduras.

In the background at the center on top of the East Terrace stands Stela E. In the Great Plaza itself on the far side
from Left to Right are Copan Stela 4, Copan Stela B, and Copan Stela C. Just behind Stela C is the Mayan Cosmic Turtle Altar
and in front of Stela 4 is the Mayan Rubber Ball Circled with Rope Altar. In the foreground on the right is Stela F
( glyphs visible on the back side). Just in front of and on the other side of Stela F is the Altar of Stela F.
Copan Altar G1 and Copan Altar G2 are visible in the foreground at the left.

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