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A Panoramic Photo of the Great Plaza  of the Copán Mayan Ruins showing in the background the Ballcourt (left) and Structure 4 (a small pyramid in the center)

Stela 2, Stela C, Stela A, Stela 4, Stela B, the Cosmic Turtle Altar, the Rubber Ball with Encircling Rope Altar, and Altar L are all Visible in this view.

Honduras © 1984 Peter W. Wendelken

Copán Photo of Great Plaza Viewed from the North Showing the Ballcourt, Structure 4, Stelae L, C, A, 4 and B and Turtle and Ball Altars. Copan Photo by Peter Wendelken

A view looking south from the north end of the Great Plaza of the Copán Mayan Ruins in Honduras showing in the background on the left the Ballcourt with Stela 2 (the vertical, light colored object between two structures rising up from either side of the Ballcourt) and Altar 4 (the block which is in front of and slightly off to the left of Stela 2).

In the center is a small pyramid named Structure 4. In the foreground (in front of Structure 4 and to the left) stands Stela C. Just to the right of Stela C sits the Cosmic Turtle Altar and just behind the Cosmic Turtle Altar is the Rubber Ball encircled with Rope Altar. In front of Structure 4 on the right is Stela A (fairly close to Structure 4). Closer to the observer is Stela 4 and closest to the oberver is Stela B.

Stela A, Stela B, Stela C, and Stela 4 were commissioned by the king Waxaklajuun Ub'aah K'awiil and sport various versions of his portrait. Stela C has a portrait of Waxaklajuun Ub'aah K'awiil facing east (to the left) and another portrait on the opposite side facing west (to the right toward the Cosmic Turtle Altar).

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