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Copan Mayan Ruins

 This statue shows a figure (with a Snake emerging from his Mouth) kneeling

at the top of the Reviewing Stand which is beneath Temple 11 and faces the West Court.

This Kneeling Figure may represent a Howler Monkey God. In his left hand, the presumptive

Howler Monkey God is holding, and perhaps shaking, a Rattle bearing the T-shaped "IK" Glyyph

meaning Wind.  The Mayan Howler Monkey Gods were patrons of the Arts and thus this sculpture

of a presumptive Howler Monkey God shaking a Wind Rattle might represent his acting as a Musician.

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Copan Howler Monkey God with Snake Emerging from Mouth on Reviewing Stand facing the West Court and shaking a Wind Rattle
Panoramic View showing where the Howler Monkey God is kneeling on the Reviewing Stand which faces the West Cour and supports Temple 11.
Close up View of  Head of Howler Monkey God with Snake Emerging from corner of Mouth
Semiprofile full body View of Howler Monkey God Shaking an IK Wind Rattle
Photo  of  Second  Kneeling  Howler  Monkey  God  Sculpture  at  Right  Side  of  the  Reviewing  Stand