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Copan Mayan Ruins   Temple 22 

Left Side of Large Ornate Interior south-facing Doorway opening to the Inner Sanctum

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Copan Mayan Ruins. Left Side of Large Doorway to Inner Sanctum in Copan Temple 22

Temple 22 consists of a very large chamber inside of which was a smaller, interior chamber that was utilized for blood-letting rituals. As you enter through the outer, south-facing doorway, you see the inner doorway in front of you and it features a surround of spectacular carving. On each side of the doorway are seated Pauahtuns, giant beings that hold the sky above the earth. The Pauahtuns are supporting a night sky that shows a conception of the Milky Way as having a sinuous serpent-like body consisting of cloud-like symbols and a crocodilian head on the right end. The Milky Way really does resemble clouds in the night sky and beings are intertwined with coils of the snake-like body.

The late Linda Schele produced many wonderful, detailed sketches of the Mayan Ruins at Copán.
Three of her fine sketches which show the inner doorway with great clarity can be accessed with this link.

View Photo of the Right Side of the Inner Doorway