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Double-striped  Thick-knee  Photo   Burhinus bistriatas

Foto  de  Alcaraván  Americano  en  Costa  Rica

Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica  © 2008 Peter W. Wendelken

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Double-striped Thick-knee, Río Tarcoles, Costa Rica

In November 2008, I wanted to take my wife to see Carara National Park. I decided to stay at a new lodge in the area, Cerro Lodge. While preparing for our Costa Rica trip, I encountered a report of a Double-striped Thick-knee seen by someone along a road in the general area of the Río Tarcoles. When we arrived at Cerro Lodge, we were greeted by the gracious owner, Federico Ferraro. I asked about the possibility of birding the Río Tarcoles and Federico recommended his friend Luis Campos who has a boat and runs the Mangrove Birding Tour. While there are boats dedicated to crocodile watching, Luis conducts birding tours exporing the Río Tarcoles estuary and mangroves.

When we met, I asked Luis if he had ever seen the Double-striped Thick-knee in the area and he replied that sometimes they could be spotted well up the river near the bridge. I told Luis that this was a target bird and so we set off upstream to search for it. At one point I was looking far ahead and saw a high, grass-covered sandbar with some odd looking brownish objects projecting upward. I put my binoculars up and scanned the sandbar. Lo and behold, there were 12 Double-striped Thick-knee standing around. What a thrill. I wholeheartedly recommend both Cerro Lodge and Luis Campos' Mangrove Birding Tour.