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Great Tinamou in the Open - Photo with Bright Light   Tinamus major   

Foto de Tinamú Grande al Descubierto con Luz Brillante

Tikal National Park, Departamento de Peten, Guatemala  © 2004 Peter W. Wendelken

At various places throughout Tikal National Park, small concrete water-holding troughs have been placed which catch water or in which water may be placed so that, especially during the dry season, wildlife will have easier access to a drink. The rims of these troughs are roughly flush with the soil surface.
A pair of Great Tinamous was wandering and came to this "water hole" for a drink about noon on a very warm day. This took place along the Méndez Causeway between Group G and the Temple of the Inscriptions. In over 50 cumulative days spread out over 11 visits to Tikal from 1982 through 2004, this is the single instance where I found an opportunity to photograph a Great Tinamou completely in the open.





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Great Tinamou  Tikal National Park, Guatemala
Great Tinamou vocalization © 2004 Peter W. Wendelken