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Great Tinamou in the Shadows - Photo, Posture 1   Tinamus major 

Foto de Tinamú Grande a la Sombra - Postura 1

Tikal National Park, Departamento de Peten, Guatemala  © 2004 Peter W. Wendelken

The Great Tinamou has a geographic range from southern Mexico south as far as northern Bolivia and Amazonia. In Guatemala, the Great Tinamou is a common, but shy and secretive, resident of the Departamento de Peten and the Caribbean Lowland (Land, Hugh C., 1970. Birds of Guatemala). In TIKAL  NATIONAL   PARK, the song is frequently heard around nightfall and at daybreak. The song of the Great Tinamou, a sample of which I have provided above, consists of prolonged, vivid, resonant, mellow, pure, clear, floating, tremulous whistles of extraordinary and unforgetable beauty. The Great Tinamou in TIKAL is not all that frequently seen and good opportunities for photography are rare indeed. It is probably easier to see and photograph the Great Tinamou along the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.




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Great Tinamou in the Shadows, Tikal National Park, Guatemala
Great Tinamou vocalization © 2004 Peter W. Wendelken