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Ecuador Photo of Mealy Parrots Amazona farinosa, Blue-headed Parrots Pionus menstruus and

Dusky-headed Parakeets Aratinga weddellii at the Yasuni Clay Lick near the Rio Napo

Foto de Loros Harinosos, Loros Cabeciazules y Pericos Cabecioscuros cerca del Río Napo

Ecuador  © 2002 Peter W. Wendelken

The Mealy Parrots can be distinguished by their whitish backs and large size. The Blue-headed Parrots are much smaller and have blue heads. Two groups of Dusky-headed Parakeets can be seen, one at the bottom of the image and the other, forming a rough horizontal row, at the upper left. The Dusky-headed Parakeets are the smallest birds in this photo and have tapered, pointed tails. Some Mealy Parrots and Blue-headed Parrots have just taken flight. The Mealy Parrot is also known as the Mealy Amazon.


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Mealy Parrots, Blue-headed Parrots, and Dusky-headed Parakeets at Yasuní Clay Lick, Río Napo, Ecuador