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Ecuador Photo of Yellow-crowned Parrots Amazona ochrocephala, Blue-headed Parrots  Pionus menstruus,  

Mealy Parrots Amazona farinosa and Dusky-headed Parakeets Aratinga weddellii

Foto de Loros Coroniamarillos, Loros Cabeciazules, Loros Harinosos y Pericos Cabecioscuros

at Yasuni Clay Lick, Rio Napo, Ecuador  © 2002 Peter W. Wendelken

Three of the numerous Yellow-crowned Parrots can be clearly distinguished by their extensive yellow crowns in the upper left section of the group of birds. One of these is biting off a chunk of clay. The Blue-headed Parrots, of course, have blue heads. Two Mealy Parrots (larger than Yellow-crowned Parrots) in the upper center of the image stand out because of their whitish backs. A group of Dusky-headed Parakeets is seen in the lower left corner of the image. The Yellow-crowned Parrot and Mealy Parrot are also called Yellow-crowned Amazon and Mealy Amazon, respectively.



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Yellow-crowned Parrots, Blue-headed Parrots, and Mealy Parrots at Yasuní Clay Lick, Río Napo, Ecuador