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Pendant Pink Tubular Flowers - Bomarea pardina  Photo - Reserva Las Gralarias, near Mindo, Ecuador 

© 2002 Peter W. Wendelken

In 2002, my wife and I visited the Reserva Las Gralarias in the company of the owner, Jane Lyons, Ph.D., in search of the Giant Antpitta, Velvet-purple Coronet, Scaled Fruiteater and others. This beautiful reserve harbors many rare species and has since been expanded, has a birding lodge, Las Gralarias Guest House, and hosts research projects. Jane Lyons has also operated Mindo Bird Tours for over 10 years and has vast experience in organizing custom birding trips within Ecuador and in other South American countries.



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Bomarea pardina photo. Pendant Pink Tubular Flowers, Reserva Las Gralarias, near Mindo, Ecuador