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Photo of Pickerel Frog Rana palustris Hiding in the Water of a Stream running through a Grassy Meadow
(Foto de Rana Lucio Escondiendose en el Agua de un Corriente de Pradera Herbosa)

This Pickerel Frog Photo is an Excellent Demonstration of Camouflage against
a Moving Background Pattern on the Streambed Produced by Running Water

(Esta foto de Rana Lucio Demuestra muy bien el Camuflage en contra de
un Movedizo Patron de Fondo Producido por Agua Corriendo)

Wayne National Forest, near Marietta, Ohio   © 1986 Peter W. Wendelken

Pickerel Frog Rana palustris in Meadow Stream, Wayne National Forest, Southeastern Ohio, near Marietta. Great illustration of camaflouge.

This Pickerel Frog photo demonstrates an interesting form of camouflage. The camouflage is not in relation to the pattern and colors of a static, stationary background. Rather, the camouflage is operating against a dynamic and continually changing background, although the changes are predictable and within certain parameters.

This Pickerel Frog is sitting in the very shallow water of a fast running meadow stream with a bottom of irregular pebbles. In the full sunlight, the tiny waves on the water's surface are casting on the bottom an intricate and constantly changing net-like pattern of irregular darker areas outlined by lighter, yellowish bands. One can see how the Pickerel Frog's dorsal pattern and coloration perfectly matches its streambed background. Even though this frog is highly exposed and completely in the open in the middle of this sunlit stream, it is virtually invisible as long as it doesn't move. This sort of dorsal pattern is also found in some species of fish.

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