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Pilosocereus maxonii  Cactus Photo with Manzanote Cacti Pereskia lychnidiflora and the Sierra de las Minas in the Background

Two large, candelabra-shaped cacti Pilosocereus maxonii (Cabeza de Viejo) are seen in this photo, one on the left and the other

in the center (growing up through a tree). The Manzanote Pereskia lychnidiflora is a primitive, ancestral form of cactus

which has a tree shape and persistent non-succulent leaves. Four Manzanotes are seen in this photo.

The Manzanotes have narrow branches with spines and small leaves. Two small Manzanotes are seen in this photo,

one at the far right and the second growing in front of the Cabeza de Viejo in the center. 

One large Manzanote is located at center right and is taller than the other vegetation. The second large Manzanote is at the left

of the group of trees in the center of the photo. This area was subject to cattle grazing as witness the spaces of bare ground.

Guatemala  © 2010 Peter W. Wendelken

Cabeza de Viejo (Pilosocereus maxonii) Photo with Manzanote Tree Cacti and the Sierra de las Minas, Río Motagua Valley Arid Interior, Depto. de Zacapa, Guatemala. 1984 Photo by Peter W. Wendelken

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