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Prairie Warbler Photo of Male Singing in Tree beside Overgrown Pasture    Dendroica discolor

Foto de Reinita Galana - Macho Cantando en un Palito a la Orilla de un Pastizal Abandonado

Cisler's Field, Marietta, Ohio  ¬© 2008 Peter W. Wendelken

Singing Prairie Warblers were a staple of the overgrown pasture across the road from the 4 acre wooded property in Marietta, Ohio where my wife and I resided for many years. I still vividly remember as in a color video my first encounter with a male Prairie Warbler in the spring of 1964 in a somewhat overgrown grassy area just south of Marietta. The Prairie Warbler winters primarily in the West Indies.

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Prairie Warbler Singing in tree in Cisler's Field, Marietta, Ohio. photo by Peter W. Wendelken