Quiriguá  Guatemala

When I visited Quirigua, Guatemala in 1984, most of the stelae there stood beneath thatched roofs which had been put in place to protect these ancient artifacts from the corrosive effects of acid rain. All of the tall stelae were thus covered. The presence of these thatched roofs produced a lighting situation in which the upper parts of these stelae were in deep shade while the lower sections were in full sunlight. This presented a very difficult situation for photography in terms of dynamic range because of the extreme contrast between light and dark areas. To make matters worse, the upper parts of these stelae were quite blackened by soot from the “incense” burning that had been taking place at the very base of these stelae. The soot made the dark areas even darker and the edge detail of the carved features less distinct. Thus, I have not included  photos of  the tall stelae at Quirigua. The photos of Stela I which did not yet have a roof in place show the extreme blackening of parts of the stelae in Quirigua at that time.


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 Quirigua Photo Gallery of  the Mayan Ruins in Quirigua, Guatemala including Photos of  Zoomorph P,  Zoomorph B,  Stela I and  Stela K (Jade Sky)

Quirigua - Galería de Fotos de las Ruinas Mayas de Quiriguá, Guatemala incluso  Zoomorpho P,  Zoomorpho B,  Estela I y  Estela K (Cielo de Jade)