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Quirigua, Guatemala   Zoomorph P

Photo 1 - North Face of the Sculptured Sandstone Boulder

King Sky Xul is calmly seated inside the Jaws of a giant Crocodile-Mountain Monster

© 1984 Peter W. Wendelken

This is the north face of Zoomorph P at the Quirigua Mayan Ruins in Guatemala. It faces toward the ballcourt and depicts King Sky Xul surrounded by the jaws and teeth of the Crocodile Monster component of the Cosmic Monster. To the right and left of Sky Xul are the two eyes of the Crocodile Monster component represented as bulging hemispheres with large eyelids and with crossbands. The forehead of the Mountain Monster component of the Cosmic Monster is above Sky Xul's head. Zoomorph P was discovered by Frederick Catherwood in 1840. Zoomorph P is a little over 7 feet tall, 10 feet long and 11.5 feet wide and is supported by 3 large stone slabs. Sky Xul dedicated Zoomorph P on September 15, 795.






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Quirigua, Guatemala, Zoomorph P (one side) of a Sculptured Boulder