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Red-backed Squirrel Monkey Photo - resting on Liana    Saimiri oerstedii

Foto de Mono Ardilla o Mono Tití descansando en una Liana

La Sirena Ranger Station, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica  © 1985 Peter W. Wendelken

This Squirrel Monkey was part of a troop of Red-backed Squirrel Monkeys that I found traveling through the forest in the center of Corcovado National Park along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. These Squirrel Monkeys were fascinating as they roamed through the vegetation. At times individual Squirrel Monkeys would run or walk along on the ground and then jump up onto lower tree limbs or lianas, travel above ground for a while, and then jump back down to the ground again. This group of Squirrel Monkeys appeared playful and carefree. Every once in a while an individual Squirrel Monkey would take a brief rest, as the one in this photo is doing, by lying upon some limb or liana. This siesta would last for only perhaps 10 or 20 seconds and then the resting Squirrel Monkey would rejoin the activities. Given that these Squirrel Monkeys were not exposed to human contact other than occasionally seeing the park guards in Corcovado, this was one of the more thrilling wildlife experiences of my life. I had come here in 1985 aboard a small Costa Rican National Park airplane which landed on an incredibly short dirt air strip one end of which was directed out to the ocean. In 1985 Corcovado National Park was little visited by tourists and the Sirena Ranger Station was as remote from roads as any part of the park.


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Red-backed Squirrel Monkey, La Sirena Ranger Station, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica