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Tikal Photo of Temples 1 (right) and 2 (left) seen from atop Temple 3 (unrestored and clothed with trees)

Foto de  los Templos 1 (a la derecha) y 2 (a la izquierda) desde la cima del Templo 3 (no restaurado y cubierto de palos)

Guatemala © 1984 Peter W. Wendelken

On May 8, 1982, I discovered a nest of the Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift Panyptila cayennensis inside the Temple 3 chamber.
El 8 de mayo de 1982, encontré un nido del Vencejo Tijereta Menor Panyptila cayennensis adentro de la cámara de Templo 3.




Tikal Temples 1 and 2 seen from atop Temple 3

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