Tikal National Park experienced minimal tourism in the early 1980s owing to the tragic civil war and associated political violence in Guatemala. During visits to the Tikal Mayan Ruins that I made in 1982 and 1984 there were very few people in the park with the exception of park guards and workers and those who operated the hotels and restaurants at the end of the airstrip. In Tikal in those years it was permitted to climb up the stairway to the chamber atop Temple 1 (Templo del Gran Jaguar) and look west to see Temples 2, 3 and 4 rising above the jungle. At that time Temple 5 (south of the Gran Plaza and the Central Acropolis) had not been restored and it existed in more or less the same condition as when Tikal was originally rediscovered. It was possible to climb Temple 5 using footholds of stone from the deteriorated stairway and the roots, trunks and limbs of trees cloaking the Temple 5. In the Tikal photos I present here, the only people visible are a park guard seated atop Temple 2 and a park guard and lone sunbather on the Central Acropolis south of the Gran Plaza.

Beginning with my first visit in May 1982, I have visited Tikal 11 times and spent more than 50 days in the park. I visit Tikal as much to view birds, monkeys and other wildlife as to walk among the ruins. I consider Tikal to be one of my favorite birding destinations and I have identified 234 bird species in Tikal, including bird species relatively rare in Tikal such as the Green Jay, Emerald Toucanet, Collared Trogon, Black-crested Coquette and Northern Cardinal.


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