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White-bellied Emerald Photo - White-bellied Emerald is a Hummingbird    Amazilia candida

Foto de Colibri Esmeralda Pechiblanca

Tikal National Park, Peten, Guatemala © 1988 Peter W. Wendelken

The White-bellied Emerald has a geographic range extending from Southern Mexico to Costa Rica. Land, Hugh C. 1970. Birds of Guatemala states that the White-bellied Emerald is common in the Peten and Caribbean Lowland and uncommon in the Pacific Lowland. According to Smithe, Frank B. 1986. Las Aves de Tikal, the White-bellied Emerald is common in Tikal National Park. I have found this to be the case, encountering White-bellied Emeralds in all 11 trips I have made to Tikal from 1982 through 2004.


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White-bellied Emerald, hummingbird, Tikal, Guatemala 1988